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    Proactive and fast

    3 weeks – that’s all it took for Alex to secure my current position at a prominent company – from posing the initial question if I’d be interested to accepting the position in writing. He handholds the process from start to finish, is proactive, doesn’t leave anything to chance and doesn’t waste the applicant’s time unnecessarily.

    Found the right job

    Thank you for the smooth cooperation and intelligent profiling to find the right job. No other recruiting agency were so fast to respond or as clear at communicating while I looked for my next position.

    Understands the industry

    When working with Jason, his professionalism and commitment were evident from the initial conversation we had right through the interview process. He was always helpful and clear in terms of what the client wanted from job outline to candidate requirements. It was very refreshing to talk to a consultant who knows the fluid power industry in detail.